December 17, 2018

I've been missing your babes and finally jumping back into the magical land of Mischievous Goddess! After my last painful newsletter, I felt it important to follow up ...

A girlfriend (and mom) and I went out for a few drinks the other night. I told her that although I am going through extensive testing to try to find out why I had (now three) pregnancy problems leading to losses, my instinct is that it's a case of "dodgy eggs and bad luck" - which she seemed to find tremendously am...

November 4, 2018

This was the week my newsletter subject line was planned to read “Mischievous Goddess is Having a Baby!”

I would reveal he was a baby boy, and share my fear and excitement and overwhelming sense of mission to raise a compassionate and strong man into the world. We could do with some more of those. 

But instead, I write with full breasts and an empty tummy in aftermath of losing my pregnancy at 19 weeks. I have milk and no baby to feed.

My apologies that this is not a light-hearted easy Sunday r...

August 14, 2018

“Everybody STOP!!! Something very important has happened!!”

As we marched along Myrtle Avenue, the line of children halted behind me waiting for their next cue. 

“I have found a penny!” I declared loudly. “Everybody repeat after me: I’m a money magnet!” 

“I’m a money magnet.” They repeated in unison, somewhat bewildered. 

You would be correct in thinking Goddess Camp is not exactly conventional. 

“Is money good or bad?” I asked my team of 5 and 6 year olds. 

“Good.” Most of them replied. 

“Why?” I...

June 13, 2018

The other day a ‘friend’ posted on Facebook asking how we can better protect our children from predators. There was a dude spotted creeping around her daughter’s elementary school, and given the #metoo climate, my guess is that parents' awareness has heightened rapidly in relation to their children’s safety. 

I always wanted to take karate classes, but being the younger sister I did what my older sister did – which to my great pain and suffering resulted in a decade of regimented ballet lesso...

January 29, 2018

What I Can Learn From the Incredible and Fantastic Life of Oprah Winfrey

By Melissa Medina & Fredrick Colting

Illustrations by Eszter Chen

Perhaps one of the most important role models of our time, this awesome book about Oprah Winfrey teaches us about her work and life. Cool illustrations, and a homage to one of the greats who knows her worth. 

A Survival Guide for Landlocked Mermaids

By Margot Datz

For those of us who feel as though we are from the mystical world of the mermaids, this delightful...

December 1, 2017

Children love crystals! Explain or learn together the unique characteristics of each magical crystal. Make wishes on your crystals and leave them under the moonlight to re-charge their energy. 

Image from World of Stones

The gift of life! Give your babe her first pet plant, a little life to look after and talk to in a pretty glass terrarium This terrarium is from Gardeners

The Princess and the Warrior by Duncan Tonatiuh. A beautiful hard-covered picture book based on a trad...

October 2, 2017

I finally watched Wonder Woman last night. What took me so long no idea. I had heard it was amazing, and was urged by all my friends and clients to see it ... now I know why: A Utopia power-land of actual goddesses in their full feminine power. Bring it. This couldn't be more up my alley. 

So I watched (in awe and delight), with my man at my side, as Wonder Woman kicked butt with her core feminine power - her driving force being Love. 

Sexy wha...

September 22, 2017

 Photos by Lauren Kallen

August 4, 2017

Water sprinklers, affirmations, mermaid crafts! 

August 3, 2017

Sea Glass Carousel, subway adventure, mindful meditation 

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I’m Lucie, founder of Mischievous Goddess. I'm not yet a mom or an auntie and do not have hands-on experience in either of these roles. I was however a child once myself. I’m also trying to have a baby after a miscarriage. I work with kids on a regular basis and for many a year babysat kids of all ages. This was written to entertain and shine a light on subjects that are dear to my heart and to inspire all children to be wild, free, and most importantly themselves. I am not a childcare expert, or a certified teacher or nanny, or psychiatrist. All views expressed are my own. 
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