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x3 1 hour Wild & Free Goddess Class by Zoom  

12 pm (EST) 9 am (PT) Saturdays February 6, 13 & 20

Ages 5+ 


$25 per class + $20 for materials & shipping 


Package by mail - includes flower crown, third eye bindis, goddess writing pen, 4 mini chocolates for meditation, objects from nature, an affirmation card, rose tea and tea ball, crystals and goddess card 


Some of our activities include: 

Reciting positive affirmations 

Making new friendships

Meditation with Chocolate 

Unicorn Oracle Reading 

Honoring Nature

Exploring our Feelings 

Wishing on a Crystal 

Learning about Mindfulness 

Celebrating our Femininity! 


During our 1 hour Wild & Free Goddess Class by Zoom, we will explore a variety of exercises, activities and conversations to increase mindfulness, intuition and connectedness (with a healthy dose of creativity and humor!) My mission and hope is that your children leave our calls with a greater sense of inner peace and joy and begin to practice using the tools we learn as a group.


Wild & Free Goddess Classes for Girls: 


  • To liberate children from their worries
  • Give them a safe space to talk about their feelings with no judgement
  • Surround them with their peers
  • Bring joy during a time of uncertainty
  • Let go of the worries of others
  • Have fun and joyful experiences


Suggestions for class: 

A private and relaxing space for your child

A cup of rose tea (mailed in the Goddess Package) with honey

Girls ready with flower crowns and bindis on (mailed in the Goddess Package)

The Goddess Package open and ready for class 


Mindful Children: 

Are better able to focus and concentrate 

Experience increased calm 

Experience decreased stress and anxiety 

Experience improved impulse control 

Have increased self-awareness

Find skillful ways to respond to difficult emotions 

Are empathetic and understanding of others 

Have natural conflict resolution skills 

- Planting Seeds, Thich Nhat Hanh 


About your teacher Lucie 


In the press




Zoom 3 Week Bundle Saturdays Feb 6, 13, 20

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