Mischievous Goddess Parlor

Saturday February 9

11 - 12.30 pm

Ages 4 - 8 

595 MacDonough Street

Bed Stuy, Brooklyn

$45 per child 

(Please arrive in fairy/elf/gnome dress-up to honor our fairy friends)


Spring is not quite on the way ... but to brighten up the darker winter days, a fairy party feels entirely adequate! Join me - a certified Fairyologist (oh yes indeed, no joke) - for a magical party to celebrate and learn about our fairy friends. We will sip herbal rose and berry tea sweetened with honey, munch on seasonal fruit & mini cupcakes, make a beautiful natural craft and learn all about the fairy realm. You might even be lucky enough to spot one! Although they do move rather quickly ..


  • Tea Party with mini cupcakes, seasonal fruit and rose & berry tea 
  • A beautiful natural craft activity to take home 
  • Storytelling 
  • Wishes on a crystal 
  • A fairy treasure hunt 
  • Goodie Bags 

Fairy Party Bed Stuy