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Sundays 10.30 - 11.30 am (NEW!! 1 Hour Class!) 
Six Week Program from November 6 - December 19 NO CLASS THANKSGIVING WEEKEND NOVEMBER 27
Drop off available / Ages 3 - 6

This inspiring and unique class incorporates creativity and imagination through movement, dance and visual arts - building confidence, independence and creative expression.

Each class features a unique goddess from around the world. Through dance and art we learn about her symbols, characteristics and background. This special class is divided into two sections:

The first 30 minutes of the class is focussed on movement and we dance and move in a variety of styles with handmade props and costumes relevant to the theme.

The last half hour of class your children will create a beautiful piece of art or craft activity using natural materials from Mother Earth. Like all great art - we focus on the feel of the process rather than the look of the outcome. (See full description of classes on the right)

Goddess Dance & Art 6 weeks from Nov 6 (Bed Stuy)

  • Ages 3 - 6

    SuperFrench Studio 

    521 Halsey Street


    NY 11233

  • Week 1/ Nov 6: Cordelia - we will be dancing like faeries with wands and scarves while moving through space on tippytoes! Then we will make a beautiful faerie crown from recycled paper and faux flowers. 

    Week 2/ Nov 13: Nang Tani - Thai Goddess of the Banana Tress. Incorporating yoga and meditation we will learn to breathe with consciousness. Our craft will be a garden inspired collage.

    Week 3/ Nov 20: Mawu West African Goddess of Mother Earth - dancing like water, learning about the preciousness of the planet on which we live. We will make delightful spirit animal snow globes.


    ​November 27: NO CLASS Thanksgiving Weekend 


    Week 4/ Dec 4: Maya Moon Goddess, the Mayan Goddess of rainfall and water. We dance like delicate rainfall and make traditional rainsticks from cardboard tubes and beads.

    Week 5/ Dec 11: Grandmother Spider, Native American Goddess of creation and the stars. We will dance like spiders and stars and practicing pointing our toes! We will make a beautiful watercolor spiders web.

    Week 6/ Dec 19: Saravswati Hindu Goddess of knowledge and the arts. Our last class of the program we blossom like the lotus flower with scarves & ballet postitions, and make beautiful backpack jewelry with gemstones and ceramic beads. 

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