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June 5 - 9 

9 am - 2 pm


Week 1 

This week we celebrate Beauty, Extravagance, and Femininity! 

With help from Hawaiian Goddess Laka, Greek Goddess Aphrodite, and Hindu Goddess Lakshmi we will embrace our divine feminine energy! Your dear girls can expect lots of dancing, dressing up and indulging themselves in all things to delight their senses! This week we will partake in chocolate meditations, make our own perfume from essential oils and decorate a jewelry box.


Daily Flow:


9 am Welcome Circle 

Practicing deep listening

Chocolate Meditation

Intuitive Guessing Game 


10 am Morning Tea - with tea, biscuits & fruit 

Recite positive affirmation song


Yoga / Dance / Movement


12 pm Lunch 

Guided meditation 



Sensory Treasure Box Game 


1.30 Afternoon tea / pick up 

Story telling

Wishes on a crystal

Summer Camp Week 1 Femininity

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