Date & Time TBC


Guests arrive dressed in witch costume

5 mins / Gather Kids: introduce ourselves, tell us about your costume, sage the space

5 mins / Nail Painting with midnight natural polish and sparkles

10 mins / Wishes: Place items in Cauldron (blindfolded choose item) and put in cauldron. (Crystal, tarot card, feather, fairy dust, bone, garlic, bone) Say affirmations. Share wishes.

10 mins / Cleanse crystals to take home – dip in glitter water and make a wish

20 mins / Make a broomstick with gemstones and feathers

5 mins / Moon Howling: On all fours like cats!

15 mins / Tea Party with Wild Berry Herbal Tea and cupcakes/or cookies

10 mins / Make a potion – sleepy spray with lavender & citrus essential oil – each squeeze drops into their own bottle + tiny crystals

Goodie Bags to take home


Zoe's Witch Gathering