Haute Boheme Mama of the Month - November



Rebecca Le Harle,

Auckland, New Zealand

Mama to Huia Moanakiteraki, 5


What's your stay-sane Goddess Ritual? 


Ginger Baths - I run a super-hot bath with powdered ginger, essential oils and salt. These baths are very special. The stress response in my body melts away as I unplug from my never-ending to-do list ... juggling my new tea business, running the household, being a mama and a devoted girlfriend. A deeply hot sweat session in the bath leaves me feeling fresh and restored. 


If there was one thing you could teach your daughter - a pearl of wisdom to carry through life - what would it be? 


She has nearly finished her first year at school where a tonne of new influences have come into her life. On a daily basis I try work with her on remaining solidly "Huia". The core message is to be a loving, challenging, magical, authentic person who is always a good friend to herself and to others. Most of my advice revolves around this, combined with a "Chin up, shoulders down, shake off the fear, smile, give it a go" pep talk, and a cup of top-shelf tea. 


Current love: At the moment I love to wrap myself up in a large black & cream check kimono, make myself a pot of Bohemia Moon Tea in my new Kinto One Touch Teapot while listening to my fav Ned Doheny album Hard Candy from 1976


Your daughter's favorite activity: Huia loves to shed her clothes and create her own dress ups out of sheets, scarves and fabric samples. She puts on her favorite music and runs through the house with fabric swirling behind her. She could do this for hours. 


More about Goddess Mama Rebecca www.bohemiateaco.com Instagram

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I’m Lucie, founder of Mischievous Goddess. I'm not yet a mom or an auntie and do not have hands-on experience in either of these roles. I was however a child once myself. I’m also trying to have a baby after a miscarriage. I work with kids on a regular basis and for many a year babysat kids of all ages. This was written to entertain and shine a light on subjects that are dear to my heart and to inspire all children to be wild, free, and most importantly themselves. I am not a childcare expert, or a certified teacher or nanny, or psychiatrist. All views expressed are my own. 
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