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Goddess Book Club List - November

Children believe they can be anything. They don’t see color or gender or love as having any restrictions. Their default is openness – until the 'grown-up' world conditions it out of them.

Multicultural books, films and art are so incredibly important to share with our children. It is a fundamental part of their education and emotional intelligence.

Exposing our kids to cultures and people who don’t look like them helps us to raise connected and compassionate children who see every human being as equal.

As important as it is for people of color to see themselves represented - it’s just as important for white children in America to see those same people represented and celebrated as well.

While over 50% of American babies and children identify as being people of color, 75% of children’s books feature white people as the main character. If we want President Michelle Obama 2020 (!!!) we have to consciously choose to expose our children to all the amazing and diverse cultures both in America and from all around the world.

My challenge for you mama bears, is to fill your bookshelves with stories about children from all walks of life.

Once a month I'll share The Goddess Book Club List featuring some of my favorite books for children that embrace a variety of different people, places and cultures. Here's my first list!

By Selina Alko & Illustrated by Sean Qualls & Selina Alko

Beautifully written and illustrated book based on the true story of a couple in Virginia who were prosecuted for their inter-racial marriage. Originally I feared this book might be depressing or dark or complex for children .. but it's just beautiful and inspiring. Written and illustrated by a mixed husband and wife couple living in Brooklyn with their kids. Recommended for ages six and up.

Written by Susan Verde & Illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds

Sweet little book that helps to open children's awareness of the earth's resources - water in this case. It's about a little girl who must travel to collect water. I love that she is referred to as a 'Princess' without looking like the stereotypical Disney character in both her lifestyle or dress! Poetic and grounded and beautiful.

Recommended for ages five and up.

Written by Uma Krishnaswami & Illustrated by Ruth Joyaveeran

About a little girl in a theater class who learns how to find her balance and inner peace with the practice of yoga. Cool story teaching kids about how to feel more grounded.

Recommended for ages six and up.

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