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Haute Boheme Mama of the Month - December

Lindsay Fauntleroy

Brooklyn, NY

Mama to daughter Merikessa, age 9

What’s your stay-sane goddess ritual?

My stay-sane goddess ritual is a combination of yoga and flower essences. I recently completed a yoga challenge, which was really a ritual of carving out time for myself every single day. It meant prioritizing myself instead of putting my business and even my daughter's needs at the top of my daily schedule. When the challenge ended, I felt compelled to keep that ritual going! Even though I don't practice yoga everyday, I still try to carve out at least 1 hour a day for my own pleasure and well-being. The flower essences have been a huge support in that regard. Every new moon, I mix up a new blend of essences to support me in breaking through my own limiting beliefs about my body, my business, my parenting, and my abundance.

If there was one thing you could teach your daughter - a pearl of wisdom - what would it be?

I am teaching her how to nurture and protect her light. As a black woman in this country, there are forces of racism and sexism that she is going to confront- but none of those "isms" can be stronger than the strength of her light and the tenacity of her spirit. As she reaches puberty, I am teaching her tools that she can energetically cleanse from all that she encounters in the outside world, so that her inner knowing can be clear and loud.

Current love: I am in love with making music playlists - I have one for just about every mood. I'm fascinated by how music can deeply shift the subtle body and I bring a lot of music into the classes I teach. I have playlists for each of the Elements in Chinese Medicine, and teach women in my leadership classes how to make "confidence playlists" to listen to before important meetings and presentations. I made a playlist for my birthday that I have on constant repeat - with songs from Miles Davis, Erykah Badu, Fertile Ground, Stevie Wonder, Bonobo, Sam Smith, Alice Smith, Jill Scott and Solange. It is definitely a heart opener!

Your daughters favorite thing: Merikessa loves drawing little characters with fun outfits and hairstyles, which she then glues to squares of cardboard. She creates little plays and scenes with them, and has more fun with her homemade friends than she does with the dozens of dolls in her room! I suspect the little stories she creates will someday live on a screen or in a book, and I love watching her imagination and creativity dance in the private worlds she creates.

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