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Goddess Book Club - December

The Princess and the Warrior

By Dunacn Tonatiuh

This is a very beautiful and romantic story set in ancient South America. After numerous suitors woo the princess inspired by her beauty, she chooses the man who is inspired by her kind heart. He promises to always stay by her side and keeps his promise. The images are gorgeous and there are a few Spanish words dropped in. (The only thing I change when reading this book - is "her father lets him marry his daughter" ... to "her father gives his blessing of their marriage").


Written by Patricia Hruby Powell & Illustrated by Christian Robinson

Beautifully illustrated book by one of my all-time favorite entertainers Josephine Baker. It tells the story in a spoken-word/poetry style of Josephine as a young girl following her heart regardless of what her situation and society expected of her. The illustrations are superb .. Recommended ages 7 +


Written & Illustrated by Emily Hughes

I love this book as it celebrates the wild-child with very artistic and funny illustrations. It's one of the few books where girls are shown to be untamed! About a little girl who is taken from her home in the wild to live in a modern environment. Recommended for ages three and up.

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