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Chakra Bunting Craft

This past Sunday at Goddess Class for ages 3 - 6 we made these beautiful Chakra Flags representing the different chakras. Some of the little ones just painted the flags random colors, and the older kids painted the chakra colors as we discussed what each one of them represented.

You will need:

Watercolor Paper

Watercolor Paints

Paint Brush

Ombre Hemp Cord


Hole punch

Multi colored jewels (optional)

Cut out seven even triangles from the watercolor paper and thread a long piece of cord through the holes to create your bunting (or the kids can try to do the threading). Glue a jewel in the middle of each flag representing the chakra. Each chakra color and meaning is noted below. Use the paints to color the flags.

Red - Root Chakra at the pelvic area and is associated with survival and being grounded

Orange - Sacral Chakra at the tummy is associated with creativity and emotions

Yellow - Solar Plexus between the chest and the tummy is associated with power

Green - Heart Chakra - associated with love and compassion

Blue - Throat - associated with communication and self expression

Indigo - Third Eye Chakra - associated with perception

Violet - Crown Chakra (on top of the head) associated with connecting to other realms / spirituality

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