True Feminine Power

October 2, 2017


I finally watched Wonder Woman last night. What took me so long no idea. I had heard it was amazing, and was urged by all my friends and clients to see it ... now I know why: A Utopia power-land of actual goddesses in their full feminine power. Bring it. This couldn't be more up my alley. 


So I watched (in awe and delight), with my man at my side, as Wonder Woman kicked butt with her core feminine power - her driving force being Love. 


Sexy what's-his-face co-actor created the perfect yang to her yin; in his full masculine power - doing his part to save the world. Unthreatened by WW's super powers, though instinctively wanting to protect her, sexy-actor-man Steve let her shine in all her magnificent goddess light while still maintaining his dominant male energy. It's the stuff babies are made of. 


To me this film was the representation of feminine and masculine power I had been waiting to see from Hollywood for so long. I could see myself and all women in Wonder Woman - the mysterious complexity and emotions of the feminine that men cannot resist. I could see my own man's strength and tenderness and masculinity and rationality in sexy Steve. The opposing feminine-masculine energies created the tension we need to get the planet back on track. That push/pull of great magnetic force. 


All women possess Wonder Woman's great beauty and power. She shows us that feminine energy is not forceful or controlling. It is receptive: a collaboration. It requires support (and often physical strength) from the magnificent men in our lives. We manifest, and voice our desires for the world, and it's the mens job to actively help us make it happen. 




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I’m Lucie, founder of Mischievous Goddess. I'm not yet a mom or an auntie and do not have hands-on experience in either of these roles. I was however a child once myself. I’m also trying to have a baby after a miscarriage. I work with kids on a regular basis and for many a year babysat kids of all ages. This was written to entertain and shine a light on subjects that are dear to my heart and to inspire all children to be wild, free, and most importantly themselves. I am not a childcare expert, or a certified teacher or nanny, or psychiatrist. All views expressed are my own. 
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