Karate Kids

June 13, 2018

The other day a ‘friend’ posted on Facebook asking how we can better protect our children from predators. There was a dude spotted creeping around her daughter’s elementary school, and given the #metoo climate, my guess is that parents' awareness has heightened rapidly in relation to their children’s safety. 


I always wanted to take karate classes, but being the younger sister I did what my older sister did – which to my great pain and suffering resulted in a decade of regimented ballet lessons instead. It wasn’t until I babysat 3 siblings in Prospect Park – where all children partook in different afterschool activities that I understood the sanity of my mother’s wise choice. Every Thursday (rain, shine or fucking snow) I gathered these 3 children from school and we would depart on an Amazing-Race style quest to drop them off and pick them up at their variety of extracurricular classes on time.


So anyway, I didn’t do karate. I was given two moves by my mum in the rare case that I was ever attacked: 


  1. Hold your fingers in a ‘V’ and poke him in the eyes 

  2. Kick him in the nuts 


My laugh of a fighting background would surely be to my demise if tested, but it did give me something incredibly important - it gave me confidence. 


Despite my minute frame, in my own mind I was She-Ra. A child’s thoughts help affirm to the universe the running dialogue in her mind. I am strong, I am brave, no one can hurt me. Energetically I became less likely prey.


Black belt is hopefully not necessary, but at a bear minimum giving children a few classes in self-defense or martial arts is a powerful gift that they might never use physically but psychologically and spiritually adds another layer of confidence and inner power.   



Tessa Gorgon's Pure Energy Martial Arts



Champion's Taekwondo 





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I’m Lucie, founder of Mischievous Goddess. I'm not yet a mom or an auntie and do not have hands-on experience in either of these roles. I was however a child once myself. I’m also trying to have a baby after a miscarriage. I work with kids on a regular basis and for many a year babysat kids of all ages. This was written to entertain and shine a light on subjects that are dear to my heart and to inspire all children to be wild, free, and most importantly themselves. I am not a childcare expert, or a certified teacher or nanny, or psychiatrist. All views expressed are my own. 
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