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Goddess Summer Camp

Workshop of wonder

July 8 - 19

ages 5 - 7


Join us for a summer full of joy and wonder! 

We take inspiration from the goddess realm incorporating mindfulness and nature. Our Workshop of Wonder takes place at the Goddess Parlor in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn and at various field trip locations. Every activity is inspired by different goddesses from around the world celebrated by making crafts, learning ancient philosophies and natural healing techniques. 

Week One: July 8 - 12

Playing with the Fairies

Native American Goddess Butterfly Maiden, Irish Fairy Goddess Áine, African Goddess Mawu 

This week we learn about the magical world of the fairies! These are the spirit goddesses who live amongst the flowers and quietly encourage environmentalism. Some activities include:

  • Creating your own spirit name

  • Guided fairy meditations

  • Learning about essential oils & flower essences 

  • Make a fairy home & garden 

  • Traditional tribal face-paint

  • Make a sacred medicine bag

  • Dress ups and sparkly nail polish 

  • Dancing in nature

  • Make a dream catcher

  • Visit an urban garden 

  • Plant seeds in your own decorated flower pot 

  • Make crafts out of nature and recycled objects

  • Make a flower crown 

  • Painting with blackberries 

Week Two: July 15 - 19

Manifesting with the Moon 

Mayan Moon Goddess, African & Brazilian Water Goddess Yemanja, Polynesian Goddess Hina Hine


Some activities include:

  • Learn about the energy of the full moon

  • Identify your spirit animal

  • Visit the Sea Glass Carousel 

  • Practice Yogic Moon Salutations

  • Learn about the connection of the ocean and the moon 

  • Make a crystal mobile

  • Learn about astrology and your own personal zodiac 

  • Make a goddess eye from yarn and sticks

  • Study the Lunar Calendar 

  • Make a Moon decoration 

  • Learn about the mermaids 

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