Kia Ora, my name is Lucie. I'm a Taurus with a Rising Scorpio and Libra Moon. (Ensuring you get the most important information first ...!)

I am a native New Zealander and live in Brooklyn, New York with my partner Michael, our daughter Kōwhai Lucia Sun and black goddess cat Violet Moon. 

My spirit animals are a lioness protecting her cubs and a mermaid. Yes I can have both, and a mermaid is definitely a spirit animal! On that highly sensible note ...

I have always been wildly inspired by the Goddess archetypeAll around the world, as long as there have been tribes and groups of people - there have also been mystical celebrations and deep respect for the feminine in all her forms both physical and spiritual. From four arms, to breathing fire, to fish tails instead of legs - Goddesses are groovy.


Following a career and passion for clothing design I moved to New York City in 2009 ... but to my great surprise wound up on an urban spiritual pilgrimage instead! Journeying from Manhattan to Kauai, Sedona and Dharamshala, and back to my homeland of Aotearoa - I dove deeply into learning and practicing mindfulness philosophies from around the world. 

Back in New York and between work, I babysat children of all ages. I considered these sweet beings to be some of my closest friends and greatest teachers.Their playfulness, openness and willingness to learn inspired me to become a fierce protector of their imagination, self worth and creativity. 

Mischievous Goddess is a culmination of my admiration and love for children - along with my respect and humility for nature and the divine, and my wonder and awe of Goddesses. 

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