Lucie McQuilkan is the creator and guiding spirit behind Mischievous Goddess! She is on a mission to transform the world of children by bringing together her background in design with her committed and passionate belief in mindfulness and the empowerment of feminine energy from early childhood.

Lucie is originally from Auckland in New Zealand, where she captivated the fashion world with the unique hand made couture of her own brand. 
She has lived in New York for the past 11 years where she has explored and developed new and exciting dimensions that connect with and expand the scope of her original love of fashion.

Amongst the eclectic range of disciplines that make her such a vibrant and colorful character, she was educated at Whitecliffe College of Art and Design and also achieved Grade 8 distinction from Trinity College London in Speech and Drama, Ballet and Singing. 

In more recent times she acquired the 200 hour yoga certification from the from Samyak Yoga in Dharamshala India and has been guided on a more spiritual quest inspired by ancient philosophies from around the world and personal development courses. Lucie attended the Goddess Conference in Glastonbury, Wizard and Warrior Training Courses in California, Longevity Now Conference, Power of Kabbalah in New York City, she is a certified Fairyologist and graduate of the Priestess Mystery School. 

Mischievous Goddess is a naturally evolving combination of everything she loves and is the rapidly growing platform where her passion and creativity come together in her love of working with kids. Mischievous Goddess workshops, parties and summer camp have been featured in The New Yorker, London Times and Time Out New York. 

Her wide range of rich and highly developed skills make Mischievous Goddess the new shining light in mindful classes, events and imaginative play for little girls. Her work has touched, moved and inspired mothers and daughters from LA to New York and right to the heart of Brooklyn where Lucie makes her home.


Her greatest accomplishment was achieved 1 year ago with the birth of her daughter Kowhai Lucia Sun. 

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