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Summer Camp for Girls Maui, Hawaii
Summer Camp for Girls Maui, Hawaii
Summer Camp for Girls Maui, Hawaii
Summer Camp for Girls Maui, Hawaii

Anything you do with Coral is magical!! We would follow you anywhere! You are a lovely spirit and so wonderful with the children!! It is not easy working with children but you do it with love, patience, magic and a sense of humor!! I feel so blessed to have you as a role model for Coral!"

--- Sharon , Mom


"The Mermaid Goddess Party was the highlight of my daughters' year. Beautiful Lucie and her magical mystical fairy dust transformed my two bedroom Brooklyn apartment into an ethereal forest kingdom for the afternoon. Delicate cakes, abundant flowers, gypsy dresses, dreamcatchers made of seashells, secret messages, lots of songs and more, it was literally little girl heaven personified. My daughter still talks about it to this day."


--- Molly, Mom




"Thank you so very much for making Genevieve's 7th birthday the most special day of her life so far! She was over the moon about the party; the anticipation, the surprise of not seeing the "Goddess Den" and then sharing all of the happiness and joy with her dearest friends from school! Thank you again! It was such an amazing treat for our dear little girl!"


--- Amy, Mom


Lucie McQuilkan, The Mischievous Goddess, is an artist of extraordinary talent.  The magical world she creates for her Goddess parties truly transports the guests to a land where nothing else matters except beauty, happiness and dreaming dreams that come true.  Lucie hosted my daughter's 6th and 7th birthday parties.  I don't think much can compare to the dreamy delight my daughter felt during these celebrations.  The enchanted environments that The Mischievous Goddess creates are unique, one-of-a-kind, beautifully hand made experiences customized to fulfill the birthday girl's every Goddess wish!  I highly recommend hiring Lucie. 

--- Martha, Mom




"Lucie's Goddess Parties are the perfect addition to any children's event. Her beautiful energy and creative activities will marvel your little ones. Over two days at The ShopUp, Lucie handed out hand-painted glitter wands, painted nails, dressed girls in pink tutus and recited inspiring messages, leaving a very lasting impression on the kids and parents in attendance. Can't wait to hire her for an event again!"


--- Miraya Berke, Founder of Pop Productions




"Lucie is a Epic ... She's a dynamic force in action, she lives up to her billing - Creative Genius! I enjoyed working with her; she's absolutely professional and fun all in one. Everyone loves Lucie!" 


--- Tami, Actress




"Lucie's parties are beyond fabulous. Not only is she super wonderful and easy to work with, but she has a beautiful way with children. She really makes them feel like they are in a fantasy, like true Goddesses. The party was an outstanding event - the girls that attended are still talking about it! We loved every second of Lucie's creativity!!"


-- Alexandra, Mom

Summer Camp for Girls Maui, Hawaii
Summer Camp for Girls Maui, Hawaii
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